The number of people with chronic noncommunicable diseases is increasing in Africa. Several factors could explain this epidemiological conversion. Among these factors, the poor quality of the food is highly offending. Indeed, there is an indisputable link between the quality of food and the prevention of most non-infectious patients. We are committed to helping to [...]
One of the causes of malaria and several other infectious diseases is unsanitary conditions. Despite the authorities' efforts to clean up at various levels, several residential areas in cotonou and the surrounding area are still full of piles of rubbish, open-air latrines with record levels of unsanitary conditions. The situation is even more critical in [...]
May 11th without tobacco in our places of knowledge From 1 May 2018, the NGO FAITH is launching the project called zero tobacco in our high schools, colleges and universities. This activity, which is in keeping with our association's second objective of informing, educating and communicating for a change in hygiene and health behaviour, will [...]
The NGO FAITH organizes the game "'The Super Cracks Christian' (SCC) every year. Supers Cracks Christians is a wonderful biblical game inspired by the game ''Genius in Grass'' that we adapted to the Bible. It features teams of four members each competing in healthy and fraternal duels. There are several sections that make up each [...]
No to the composition, production and dissemination of immoral songs: let's save our children. Music, the art that allows man to express himself through sounds, has or should have an ethical and moral dimension. In the past, music was the ideal tool to educate, soften morals, reduce stress, give comfort, warn etc... As a result, [...]
The situation of vulnerable girls mothers and young women in Benin is very alarming. Indeed, these women, faced early with the realities of adult life in an often deleterious socio-economic context, are a burden on society. Their lives or futures are then very committed as well as those of children born of these early or [...]
One of the goals we exist for is to inform and communicate for a change in hygiene and health behaviour. It is within this framework that this project is part of the project that will have a definite impact on the health of our populations. On 10 June 2018, the NGO FAITH launched the project [...]
Health according to who is a state of complete mental and social physical well-being and is not only an absence of illness or disability. This definition shows that Mental Health plays a prominent role in the understanding of the Health concept. Mental health is therefore more than the absence of mental disorders and is an [...]
Christmas for Destitute Children (NED) is a social project of the NGO FAITH carried out every year through various activities. Its objective is to sow joy in the hearts of the vulnerable mother and child for joyous end-of-year festivities. It also aims to offer the indigent widow, the orphaned and/or disabled child; hot meals, food, [...]
LIGHT ON COVID-19 Dr. Mahoutondji A. BOCODAHO Objectives At the end of the presentation, the participant must be able to: - To know the clinical manifestations of covid19 - To know the means of primary and secondary prevention of covid19 -To adopt and disclose barrier gestures. Plan Introduction historical 1.1 The world's largest pandemics 1.2 [...]
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