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One of the causes of malaria and several other infectious diseases is unsanitary conditions. Despite the authorities' efforts to clean up at various levels, several residential areas in cotonou and the surrounding area are still full of piles of rubbish, open-air latrines with record levels of unsanitary conditions. The situation is even more critical in [...]
One of the goals we exist for is to inform and communicate for a change in hygiene and health behaviour. It is within this framework that this project is part of the project that will have a definite impact on the health of our populations. On 10 June 2018, the NGO FAITH launched the project [...]
Interview given by the President of the NGO FAITH to a journalist of the web the day after the activity "The road is not a garbage can" Journalist: "Hello, Mr. President. Last Saturday you carried out an activity called "The road is not a garbage can" What is it really about? NGO President FAITH: -Before [...]
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