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The number of people with chronic noncommunicable diseases is increasing in Africa. Several factors could explain this epidemiological conversion. Among these factors, the poor quality of the food is highly offending. Indeed, there is an indisputable link between the quality of food and the prevention of most non-infectious patients. We are committed to helping to [...]
LIGHT ON COVID-19 Dr. Mahoutondji A. BOCODAHO Objectives At the end of the presentation, the participant must be able to: - To know the clinical manifestations of covid19 - To know the means of primary and secondary prevention of covid19 -To adopt and disclose barrier gestures. Plan Introduction historical 1.1 The world's largest pandemics 1.2 [...]
My dad lost his legs in an accident. A story inspired by real events; The names of the characters have been deliberately changed. Saturday, May 9, 2015 is a gloomy day for my whole family. It's 23 hours 35 minutes; while we were all waiting for Dad's return as Mom received a heartbreaking call from [...]
I AM A WIDOW AT 31; MY HUSBAND DIED OF SEVERE ANNIA AFTER OUR 5 YEARS OF MARRIAGE. An inspired by real events. The names have just been changed for reasons of confidentiality. Dominique was a handsome man. Attentive, emotional, tender, he was very pious and feared God. We met at the faculty during a [...]
I didn't know my mom; she lost her life giving me life. A true story, the names of the characters and the images have been deliberately changed. My name is Isaora. I am now 17 years old. I was born on September 25, 2001, a dark day for me; for also corresponding to the day [...]
The following, very moving story is a true story, told by the woman who lived it, Miss A. G. A true story. I was 3 years old when this disease weakened me in less than 72 hours. I had a high fever, I was vomiting yellow, I was very tired. For lack of means, my [...]
Valiant People of Benin; Dear fellow citizens; The Covid-19 pandemic is indeed a sad reality; evidenced by the appalling statistics about our country as well as most other nations in the world, which continues to rise by the hour. It is therefore more than ever an imperative for everyone to observe and observe all the [...]
In order to assist vulnerable people due to the deterioration of their health, the NGO FAITH has initiated the project "Save Lives Operations". The activity consists of collecting hundreds of pockets of blood in benin on behalf of the National Agency for Blood Transfusion. Blood is defined as a vital biological fluid that circulates continuously [...]
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