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1) The Super Cracks Christian

A game of biblical genius and general culture reinforced by questions of citizenship, morality and road code.

The aim of this game, which brings together young Christians of all stripes, is to keep young people busy through healthy leisure activities and to fight religious and doctrinal quarrels. It is also and above all to create by Horion 2030 a new generation of competent young citizens, imbued with spiritual, moral, civic and managerial values, ready to rebuild the foundations of a humanity in decline.

  • 1st edition: 2017 winners: Divine Grace
  • 2nd edition: 2018 winners: The Geniuses of the Lord
  • 3rd edition: 2019 winners: The Geniuses of the Lord

2) Zero tobacco in schools and universities

The NGO FAITH has taken an active part in the fight against the consumption of tobacco and all kinds of prohibited products in our places of knowledge.

Awareness-raising activities are carried out mainly in the run-up to 11 May; day of all dangers since this is the day when in our high schools colleges and universities, smoking becomes the norm and not smoking is seen as pathological. Besides the health consequences if we let evil evolve; the future of young people is at risk of being mortgaged because it is consumed by tobacco smoke.

  • Training and socio-professional reintegration of out-of-school or academically-losing young people

The Bohicon Hope Professional Training Centre (Zou Benin) is the operational body of this project, which for several years has given a second chance at vocational training and employment to thousands of young people who were once out of school or prone to repeated school failures.

Sporadic actions

  • Loss of civic and moral values; promote ethics on social networks (February 2018).

Intolerance, discourtesy; violence, incites hatred, rebellion, exhibitionism, sexual deviance; indecent assaults of all kinds is unfortunately everyday life on social networks.

In a webcast, the president of the NGO FAITH deplored the perverse use of social networks and invited all Internet users to show kindness, accuracy, virtue, tolerance, decency and honorability, thus restoring whatsapp, facebook, instagram; Snapchat; periscope; imo etc… in the first vision desired by the designers: a beautiful, connected and soothed humanity.

  • No to the composition, production and distribution of immoral songs, save our children (November 2018)

The NGO FAITH through its president has vehemently denounced the composition, production and dissemination under our skies of immoral songs that advocate violence, theft, rape, perversity, drug addiction, sexual immorality etc…

The aggravating situation will say is the compromise and laxity of our authorities at various levels which not only turn into a guilty and murderous silence; but also use these outlaws who sometimes aware of their crime sing with masked faces for propagandistic purposes; sometimes even commit the ignominy of inviting them to official events.

He will conclude by inviting each other to a collective awareness in order to save our carefree children who memorize and take back word for word these dirt spread on a large scale.

  • Awareness of school pregnancy (June 2018)

The number of cases of school-based pregnancies has only increased in recent years, sometimes reaching alarming proportions. To curb the evil, the ministry of guardianship took certain deterrent measures that the president of the NGO FAITH appreciated during a television broadcast.

The real solution, he said, should be a spiritual, sexual and moral education of the girl and the teacher upstream. Parents will also need to work to play their role properly by being closer to their children.

  • Messages calling for the culture of peace, non-violence and dialogue

following the scenes of discontent generated by the non-inclusive legislative elections in April 2019 in some parts of the country with in some places acts of vandalism, clashes between law enforcement and populations causing material and human damage. Let us cultivate tolerance in the diversity of opinion so that the achievements of our dear democracy are preserved.

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