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1) Christmas Project for Poor Children

The Christmas for Destitute Children (NED) project aims to sow joy in the hearts of vulnerable mothers and children for joyous end-of-year festivities.

It aims to offer the indigent widow, the orphaned and/or disabled child; hot meals, food, recycled clothes, gifts and various toys in an atmosphere of singing and dancing and conviviality.

With the support of some local partners, the populations of several localities chosen on the basis of poverty criteria are impacted by this project.

  • NED Kinto: Kinto, lake commune of Sô-ava and Zè; Southeastern Benin (December 2017); sponsors: etisalat Benin Foundation, Copharbiotech, Azima Store and several other generous donors.

More than 400 orphaned children and 200 vulnerable widows have been impacted with a jubilant population.

  • NED Agoué: Southwest Benin (December 2018); sponsors: Cement the Shield, Etisalat Foundation; NGO FAITH. 350 destitute children and 250 widows received hot meals, food, toys and recycled clothing.
  • Kota, Atacora Department, Kotopunga Commune; North Benin (December 2019); sponsors: SODEXCA, NGO FAITH.

500 children and 200 widows were touched by this great solidarity action called a week in the heart of the mountains.

The constant enthusiasm of the population and the testimonies of recognition of the beneficiaries speak volumes about the positive impact of these charitable actions.

2) Operation Save Lives

The goal here is to take strong action to save the lives of our fellow citizens.

  • Collecting 200 pockets of blood in Vekky (lake village) for the benefit of the users of our hospitals (June 2018).
  • Assistance to residents of the National University Hospital Center of Psychiatry in Cotonou Jacquot. (May 2019)
  • Collecting 200 pockets of blood in Cotonou (Agla's Abundant Life Humanitarian Clinic) for the benefit of the users of our hospitals. (February 2020)

Blood collection activities organized in close collaboration with the National Agency for Blood Transfusion and local elected officials from the targeted communities; have been sponsored by the SIMAG-G Company and several other pharmaceutical companies with strong popular support.

3) Training and socio-professional reintegration of mother and/or out-of-school girls: Yonnu chigan project

The project "Yonnu chigan" literally the "virtuous woman" is a project that works on the one hand to build the capacity of professionally active women in our rural communities; on the other hand to assist the mother daughter and her socio-professional reintegration after childbirth.

In particular, we work with women's groups in the departments of the hills, Zou, the Atlantic and the coast.

More than 500 women have been impacted by this project, which has been in operation since January 2018.

We have thus been resolutely involved in the struggle for the development of women and the stability of families.

Sporadic social actions

These actions occur sporadically in response to various requests. While not exhaustive, we can cite:

-A donation of food at the Deaf Wonders Centre (December 2017)

-a bicycle donation to an orphaned student (September 2018)

-a donation of school supplies to an orphaned schoolboy in exam class (August 2018)

-distributions alongside the Etisalat Foundation of 100 school kits in the lake village of vekky; Sô-ava (September 2019).

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