The road is not a dustbin

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Interview given by the President of the NGO FAITH to a journalist of the web the day after the activity “The road is not a garbage can”


“Hello, Mr. President.

Last Saturday you carried out an activity called “The road is not a garbage can”

What is it really about?

NGO President FAITH:

-Before I address your question, journalist, I would like to point out that the NGO FAITH hear Force Acting for an Impact and a Harmonious Transformation is an officially and legally registered non-profit organization that has been very active in the field since 2016.

We work in the areas of health, social, education and the environment.

It is the environment component that justifies the activity last Saturday that you mentioned at the beginning of this interview.

To return to your question, I would say that the road is not a garbage can is an activity that is part of our vast project called “Operation does not throw away”. The aim is on the one hand to combat environmental pollution and on the other hand to encourage our people to become good eco-citizens.

So it was for us last Saturday to clean up the area around the Godomey interchange and to educate road users and riverside residents to work to keep the surroundings of these gems clean.


-The road is not a garbage can” why this theme?

NGO President FAITH:

-But of course because the road is really not a garbage can; it goes without saying.

Goals 2 and 3 of the NGO FAITH are as follows:

  • Inform Educate and Communicate for a Change in Hygiene and Health Behaviour,
  • Contribute to the clean up of our living environment and the protection of our ecosystem,

The activity “the road is not a garbage can” meets these two objectives.

The road is not a garbage can because it is a fact that our people do not know it; they confuse roads with garbage cans and gutters with dumps. They throw garbage everywhere, anytime, anywhere.

Drivers, passengers, good ladies of our markets, food vendors, men, women, children and even sometimes people of the 3rd age, all without exception any dirty the shoes. This is consistent and no one will be able to contradict us on that; The evidence is there, it’s obvious.

Our roads are dirty, what do I say, very dirty. Our gutters are filled with waste of all kinds (bags, empty plastics, bottles, papers, pebbles, bricks, packaging, food waste, waste… and so on.

Beyond strong political will and sanctions, we had to react by setting a good example and raising awareness. This is what we have done with the support of the borough of Godomey and other associations in the city who have helped us.


-What will be the next part of this activity?

NGO President FAITH:

This activity will be made sustainable; it will be multiplied in other cities across the country, and we already want to call on other like-for-like organizations to join us in this common struggle.

The activity will also be reinforced by several other related activities with the aim of always cleaning up our environment because the health consequences of these acts of incivility are legion (diarrhoeal diseases, acute respiratory infections, malaria, etc.).


-A final word?

NGO President FAITH:

-Our final word will be to make pleas.

But first, we want to invite our people to avoid these acts of incivility and to organize periodically spontaneously to clean up our roads. The love of the homeland demands it.

So I dream of this day when the whatsapp groups that grow daily like champions beyond the festive reunion will organize themselves to clean up our roads and even our alleys.

I dream of a day when students, students, schoolchildren, state officials, and even individuals will devote two hours a week to the maintenance and clean up of our environment.

I dream of the day when drivers and passengers of all kinds of vehicles will stop throwing water bags, peanut shells, meal wrappers or other waste through the windows of moving vehicles.

I dream of that day when the open gutters will be closed and will no longer receive waste.

I also dream of the day when the political and administrative authorities of all sides will leave at least quarterly offices and air-conditioned cars to set a good example for the people by maintaining their alleys.

I can’t wait for God to please my dreams, my dreams are coming true.

I will end my word with pleas:

Advocacy for local and political-administrative authorities to install public garbage cans in strategic locations in our cities and countryside; which bins will have to be emptied in real time by the competent structures.

Advocates for sufficient emphasis in our school and university curricula on hygiene and sanitation education.

Plea for the various authorities contacted by administrative means to respond favourably to us so that soon we will put up large posters in our cities in order to educate our populations to a change in behaviour because beyond the will to sanction, we must sufficiently educate our fellow citizens so that mentalities change because the evil is profound, I would even say very deep.


Thank you Dr BOCODAHO, I remind you that you are the President of the NGO FAITH.

NGO President FAITH:

-It is rather to you the thank you for offering us this channel to share our vision.

Cotonou on 06/02/19; NGO FAITH.

Comments transcribed by M CHODATON Salomé;

Journalist at Web Media Press of Burkina Fasso.

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