World African Children’s Day 2019

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Ladies and gentlemen;

The day of June 15, 2019 is dedicated to two major events, the global celebration of the African child and the world celebration of Father’s Day.

This Father’s Day finds its legitimacy in the fact that is not father who wants but who can.

The father, the real one, is the one who works constantly to maintain balance in his home; to maintain balance in his work; to maintain balance in society; to maintain balance in one’s being and to maintain one’s spiritual balance; which is not an easy thing at all.

It is obvious that this definition completely excludes all pranksters who are fathers only of names.

If we agree on the usefulness of this Father’s Day, it is urgent that we also know what form to give it.

We believe that instead of theatrical celebrations, this day dedicated to fathers should be an opportunity to focus on the situation of these grandpa who gave everything to their families; who have given everything to their nations; who have given everything to society but who unfortunately are now vulnerable either because of the weight of age; or as a result of certain debilitating pathologies or infirmities they have suffered. They find themselves alone, unwanted, neglected, anxious. It would be a golden opportunity each year to celebrate and honour these grandpa.

How can we fail to make the connection between this celebration of Father’s Day and the World Day of the African Child, which has its origins in the gloomy massacre of soweto children by the apartheid regime on 16 June 1976.

Far from being a mere celebration, 16 June should serve to reflect on the experiences of these millions of children in need on the African continent:

-These children orphaned early and who very early are confronted with the vicissitudes of life;

-These children who have been orphaned by force of things because of the unconsciousness of their parents who, although alive, are useless;

-Those thousands of children who die each year from malaria, malnutrition, diarrhoeal diseases or who are collateral victims of wars; this is helped by poor social and health policies of African leaders or by the unconsciousness of certain progenitors;

-These children are objects of the phenomenon “vidomingon” (placed child) who suffer martyrdom on a daily basis;

-These many children converted into street vendors in our traffic lights when they are supposed to be in primary school at their age to receive instruction.

Yes, I do. the situation of these millions of innocent souls should make us think in order to get them out of precariousness.

We cannot finish our word without paying a well-deserved tribute to these valiant women who are both mothers and fathers and who carry out this extra charge of Dad with mastery. Hats off, ladies.

Happy birthday to all the dads of the world and long live the educated and emancipated African child.

Thank you.

NGO FAITH: Health, Social, Education, Environment.

16/06/19; Cotonou.

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